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Good News, Bad News
The bad news: he was extremely hungry
The good news: a nice, juicy pig appeared.
Another bad news: he moved recently from buddism to islam – so, the pork was forbiden
Final good news: actually the pig was a dressed-up lamb

Good News, Bad News
For those who can’t read the inscription on the octopus back
The good news: In some way he liked more the uneven numbers (figures)


Good News, Bad News
No news of any kind

Good News, Bad News
The bad news: his horse got flu
The good news: the castle (which he was riding to) was really close
Another bad news: it was siesta time, so, unfortunately he had to wait
The good news: luckily, he still had the unopened morning newspaper
The bad news: the paper was totally wet because of the morning rain
The good news: Because of the flu the hips of his horse were really hot – enough to dry up the paper
Another bad news: it was the wrong castle

Good News, Bad News installation

The Collector of Art (Somewhere in Africa there is a great black man collecting art from Europe and America, buying his Picasso for 23 coconuts…)
This was definitely one of the highlights of his collection. “It’s smart and sensitive” he thought, while contemplating the three bottles at sunset. That’s why he was furious when his mother-in-law filled up the already empty (evaporated) bottles with another, rival liquid. “But nobody will know about this?!” the poor woman tried to argue with him. “I know, and that is enough.” He bought them for 17 giraffe skin spots (the animal was killed in a thunderstorm)