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I liked the way the exhibition was organised and the comments written on the walls, I liked the guy’s irony, it’s a pity I don’t know more about biblical and similar stories to be able to giggle more at Some Famous Stories Section…

(In the pics captions, in this and the next post, I kept the spelling used in the exhibition, even though in some cases there are mistakes)

entitled: Hierarchy

“and then (after the kings went away), Joseph was for the first time with his wife…” (from the Famous Stories section)

entitled: A Life (Black & White)

Gostei da forma como a exposição estava montada e dos comentários escritos nas paredes, gostei da ironia do senhor, fiquei com pena de não saber mais histórias bíblicas e afins para me rir mais na secção Some Famous Stories…

(nas legendas das figuras, deste e do próximo post, mantive as palavras da exposição, mesmo que em alguns casos houvesse erros)